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2011 Suzuki Hayate 125


The Suzuki Hayate 125 DCP-FI, a 125cc scooter with the fuel-injection.

Superb acceleration performance delivered with the use of Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM) plated cylinder, Super CVT transmission and a careful reviewing of the intake and exhaust systems to deliver high efficiency for customers’ satisfaction. Suzuki Hayate CVT is emphasizing greater acceleration performance of low to mid range. A transparent PVC cap is added on the size of CVT cover, for easier maintenance.

The engine is design with emphasis on low fuel consumption, in response to user demands for low running cost. With average speed( 60 km per hour), Hayate’s fuel consumption is 45.6 km/liter.

A safety engine cut-off side stand automatically deactivates the engine once the stand is engaged, and a shuttered ignition switch prevents theft and vandalism when it is on.

It also gives premium performance and comfort on an urbanized sporty ride and is well equipped with features that give the rider ultimate comfort. It has an 18-liter under-seat storage compartment capable of holding a full-face helmet, a front rack for magazines, canned drinks and other small items and a shopping bag hook.

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